Progressive Stamping - Often called "high production stamping" this method of manufacturing can produce a complete part with no secondary operations. Used in conjunction with an automatic feed, this process produces high quantities of parts in a short amount of time. Progressive stamping is ideal for complex parts with precision tolerances. The disadvantages to progressive dies are longer build times and higher manufacturing costs.

Compound Stamping - This method of manufacturing produces a complete part in one station. Production rates from this type of tooling are not as fast as progressive, but the tooling cost is less expensive and lead time to build is quicker. Compound stamping is a good solution when production quantities are low and desired quality is high. This process inherently produces superior concentricity, flatness and location.

Hybrid Stamping - A proprietary stamping process developed by Laser Technologies for our lamination customers. Hybrid stamping combines the benefits of both progressive and compound stamping in the same process. This cost effective solution is designed for laminations up to 6" in diameter and is practical for low to medium volume production runs. Hybrid Stamping offers the following benefits:

*      Low Tooling Cost - Our hybrid tooling averages around 1/3 the cost of standard progressive tooling.

*      Superior Accuracy - Our hybrid process is inherently designed to hold the demanding tolerances often required in the motor lamination industry. Concentricity, flatness and hole locations are excellent.

*      Quick Turn Around - Tooling is designed to be manufactured in weeks not months.

Rotary Notching - An economical solution for large laminations that eliminates the high tooling cost and long lead time of stamping. Parts can be produced in weeks not months. Notching is also a viable option to laser cutting when volumes dictate. Material can often be optimized by producing a Rotor from the Stator drop. Laminations can be cut up to a 48" Dia. The process is designed for low to medium volume production runs.

In-House Die Design and Engineering - Our in-house engineering staff is equipped to design dies around your specific lamination requirements. Our engineers will ensure your part is manufactured on time, to print specified tolerances.

In-House Tooling Manufacturing and Assembly - Laser Technologies is equipped with a state of the art Tool Room and Inspection Facility. Our toolmakers and inspectors are equipped with the resources they need to manufacture the highest quality dies in a controlled environment.

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