Annealing Electrical Steel

AnnealingAnnealing is a heat treatment process that alters the microstructure of a material causing changes in properties such as strength, hardness, ductility, and in some cases magnetic and chemical properties. For electrical steel laminations, the process of annealing is most commonly used to remove stresses in material around the edges of a lamination that are induced during punching. Another common application in the motor industry pertains to annealing special alloys such as Cobalt or Nickel to optimize electrical and mechanical properties for special designed high performance motors.

Laser Technologies can furnish most annealing requirements for electrical steel laminations. Our expertise lies in furnishing non-grain oriented laminations, grain-oriented laminations, cobalt-based laminations and nickel-based laminations.

NADCAP Certified Batch Annealing

Batch Annealing is a process usually performed in an oven with one chamber. While there are many different styles of batch furnaces, the underlying advantage of this process is the flexibility and control over time, temperature, and atmosphere in the annealing cycle. Our In-house Batch lamination annealing is used for special alloy laminations that contain cobalt or nickel, as well as applications with specific annealing instructions that need to be adhered to in which to achieve engineered desired results.

Laser Technologies has standard annealing formulas that adhere to material manufacturer specifications. With our computerized equipment we are also able to formulate custom annealing cycles to meet your specifications and provide charts and reports for traceability. Our state-of-the-art equipment assures that you will get the cycle and material performance that your application requires. Our ISO process and adherence to NADCAP standards ensures that it will be not only consistent, but also accurate. Laser Technologies is certified and compliant to NADCAP (National Aerospace and Defense Contractors Accreditation Program) standards for annealing electrical steels. This certification indicates that we meet or exceed the highest standards for annealing in the aerospace industry.

Oriented and Non-Oriented Silicon Electrical Steels

Cobalt alloys

Nickel alloys


Full reporting in chart or spreadsheet format

Custom cycles and programs