Electric Motor Repair Case Study Part 5 - Re-inserting Core & Final Inspection


The final step in the electric motor repair process is re-inserting the welded core into the frame followed by a final inspection. Not all customers require cores to be fitted into the frame, but for those who need it, this service is offered.

To insert the motor core into the frame, the frame must be heated in an oven to get the metal to expand and provide clearance for the core to fit inside. As the metal frame cools, it will contract once more, allowing for a press-fit that keeps the core in place.

Once the assembled core is back in its frame, primer can be applied to the frame, and the core may be repainted. Again, this is not always necessary but is an optional service if a customer requires it.

Lastly, a final inspection takes place. Key dimensions that are checked include height of core relative to the frame and slot alignment. After the motor core clears inspection, everything is certified before it goes out to the customer. This verification process ensures the quality requirements are met, and all this information, along with lot numbers, is provided to the customer for full traceability. Quality control must be taken seriously to ensure the safety of machinery and consistency in product standards. 

The assembled motor core is then carefully boxed, crated and shipped back to the customer.