Laminations and Stacks Manufacturing

When Laser Technologies was established in 1985, we were the first company in the United States to introduce laser-cutting technology to the laminations industry. Today, we remain a second generation family-owned business and industry leader, with a 170,000 square foot facility located in the Chicago area's shipping and logistics hub, with more than 20 CNC laser cutting machines working multiple shifts every day to laser-cut motor, generator and transformer laminations. Supporting this capability is an ongoing commitment to investing in new equipment and technology.

Turnkey Manufacturing Capability

While unmatched laser cutting is at the heart of our laminations capability, what our customers value even more is knowing that every aspect of our laminations manufacturing operation, from laser cutting through production, coating and core assembly, to either warehousing the finished parts, core stacks and fabrications or packing and shipping them, takes place entirely within our facility. That comprises manufacturing functions that include stamping, notching, annealing, and sanding as well as refurbishing and recoating laminations. In the event a project needs specialized services (such as stack grinding or powdercoating); we have strategic partnerships with local vendors to provide that specific expertise.

This means that the quality of everything we produce remains under tight control: including materials supplied by us or you, laser cutting, annealing, machining, and finishing. It also means that we can maintain close control of our production numbers, material inventories and production costs. Putting this technical capability to work is our staff of 100 experienced managers, operators, and support staff.

As a result, our work scope includes prototypes and full-scale production runs. At delivery time, you receive full orders (no part production minimum or arbitrary percentage allowance on shipping quantities), on time and at our agreed upon price.

An Open Connection

At Laser Technologies we take great pride in connecting directly with customers, to answer questions, share our technical expertise, and ultimately provide solutions tailored to customers' specific needs. At every point in the relationship, from the initial conversation, throughout the manufacturing process and after delivery, we maintain an open line of communication to ensure complete satisfaction. We view the customer/Laser Technologies relationship as a true partnership.

Managing Risk Assessment

Our multiple production cells and machines give us a flexibility that plays an important part in our ability to assess and manage risk: if one cell is unexpectedly down for maintenance or repair, another can take over, ensuring continuous productivity. In addition, being able to duplicate cutting operations on multiple machines enables us to produce both large and small quantity orders in equally quick response times, minimizing the risk of delay.

Machining and Quality Control

Manual and automatic surface grinders, manual lathes, mills, and drill presses round out the capabilities of our machine shop. Our QC department checks all work with calibrated gaging, CMM machines or a FAROO arm that can provide standard or custom measurement reporting as needed for your application. Our manufacturing operation is also ITAR Compliant, DFARS Compliant, ISO 9001:2015 Certified and NADCAP Certified.

Supply Chain Management

We offer our customers supply chain management service that coordinates all planning, manufacture, and delivery of your finished components. In addition to stocking a variety of raw materials (including Cobalt), we also offer customers comprehensive warehousing, customized packaging, and shipping services for your finished products.