Electrical Testing

Epstein Testing (Core Loss Testing) per ASTM A343 - This test method covers tests for the magnetic properties of basic flat-rolled magnetic materials at power frequencies (25 to 400 Hz) using a 25-cm Epstein test frame and the 25-cm double-lap-jointed core. It covers the determination of core loss, rms exciting power, rms and peak exciting current, and several types of ac permeability and related properties of flat-rolled magnetic materials under ac magnetization.

Interlaminar Resistance Testing (AB Testing) per ASTM A937 - This test method covers a means of testing the interlaminar resistance of electrically insulating coatings as applied to adjacent laminations of flat-rolled electrical steel, under predetermined conditions of voltage, pressure and temperature. It indicates the effectiveness of surface coatings on electrical sheet steels for limiting interlaminar losses in electrical machinery. The interlaminar resistance is measured directly in units of resistance (k?).

Franklin Testing per ASTM 717 - This test method covers a means of testing the surface insulation resistivity of single strips or punchings of flat-rolled electrical steel under predetermined conditions of voltage, pressure, and temperature.

Stacking Factor Testing per ASTM A719 - This test method covers measurement of the lamination factor of a specimen composed of strips cut from magnetic material.

Ductility Testing per ASTM A720 - This test method covers determination of ductility utilizing Epstein test strips and a bending device for bending the strip over a predetermined radius. It is intended for commercial silicon-bearing steel sheet or strip of non-oriented types in the thickness range from .010 to 0.031 in. [0.25 to 0.79 mm], inclusive.

Coating Adhesion Tape Test (Cross Hatch) per ASTM D3359 - This test method covers procedures for assessing the adhesion of coating films to metallic substrates by applying and removing pressure-sensitive tape over cuts made in the film.

Coating Adhesion Other Common Tests - Water Cure Testing, Alcohol Rub Testing, Bend Test of a Mandrel

Coating Thickness per ASTM E-376 - This practice covers the use of magnetic- and eddycurrent- type thickness instruments (gauges) for nondestructive thickness measurement of a coating on a metal substrate.

Material Crown Testing per ASTM A971 - This test method provides a procedure for measuring edge taper and crown of flat-rolled electrical steel coils as produced at the steel mill.

Thermal Aging - Testing procedure which compares Core Loss values utilizing Epstein test strips before and after inducing samples at a specified temperature over a predetermined period of time.