Forming, Bending, and Rolling

With over three decades fabricating a wide variety of industrial products, Laser Technologies operates an expansive manufacturing facility that includes in-house press brake forming, metal tube bending, and form rolling capabilities.

Whether you require individual piece parts or fully assembled finished products, Laser Technologies can tailor a solution to meet your manufacturing needs.

Press Brake Forming

  • Press Brake Capacity up to 120 Ton
  • Maximum Workpiece Width up to 13 ft.
  • Maximum Workpiece Thickness Based on Length and Bend Radius
  • Customized Tooling

Tube Bending

  • Powered Tube Bending
  • Mild Steel (Round Tube) Max. Capacity 2 3/8 " x .156"
  • Stainless Steel (Round Tube) Max. Capacity 2 3/8 " x .125"
  • Aluminum (Round Tube) Max. Capacity 2 1/2 " x .156"
  • Mild Steel (Solid Round) Max. Capacity 1 1/4 "
  • Mild Steel (Square Tube) Max. Capacity 2" x 2" x .125"
  • Mild Steel (Solid Square) Max. Capacity 1- 3/16" x 1- 3/16"

Roll Forming

  • Power Roll Forming
  • IRM Capacity up to 10 Gauge x 60" Wide
  • 5.5" Roll Diameter

CNC Turret Press

A turret press is a type of punch press used for metal forming that utilizes individual punching tools that are stationed in a rotary turret. This type of tool setup eliminates the cost of expensive, dedicated stamping dies. Our turret punch press is CNC-controlled, with automatic positioning of the metal sheet beneath the tool. CNC turret punching is a good solution for small- to medium-volume work. A punch is less flexible than a laser for cutting compound shapes, but faster for repetitive shapes.

Hydraulic Press

A hydraulic press is a machine that uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate a compressive force. This type of press is typically used in conjunction with a tool or fixture to perform a particular operation such as applying pressure to a stacked core or seating fasteners. Laser Technologies has a variety of hydraulic presses with capacities up to 150 Ton.