Motor OEM Services

Motor OEM Random StacksLaser Technologies Inc. strives to build partnerships in which we are considered a seamless extension of your company's manufacturing arm. Our attention to detail and strict adherence to OEM drawings, specifications, and quality requirements are an assurance that the product we deliver is the product you expected. Our company operates with full transparency from quote level to product out the door. If drawing or quality specifications cannot be met, exceptions will be disclosed with alternative solutions proposed. Order processing, manufacturing, and quality procedures are in place and certified annually per ISO 9001:2015 standards to assure traceability and compliance are adhered to on every order. Laser Technologies offers broad and flexible manufacturing capabilities which allows us to custom tailor the right solution to your company's prototype and production requirements. Our plants 24/7 operating capacity is well equipped to handle expedited delivery requests, as well as scheduled JIT product programs. Focus on what your company does best and consider Laser Technologies to be your manufacturing partner of choice when it comes to managing your products value stream. In-House Motor OEM services include:

Motor Lamination Manufacturing- Laser Cut Motor Laminations, Stamped Motor Laminations, Notched Motor Laminations, Stator Laminations, Rotor Laminations, Pole Laminations

Insulator Manufacturing- Nomex, Kapton, G10, Copper

Stator Core Assembly- Bonded Stator Cores, Laser Welded Stator Cores, MIG Welded Stator Cores, Riveted Stator Cores, Staked Stator Cores

Rotor Core Assembly- Bonded Rotor Cores, Laser Welded Rotor Cores, MIG Welded Rotor Cores, Riveted Rotor Cores, Staked Rotor Cores

Pole Lamination Assembly- Laser Welded Pole Assemblies, MIG Welded Pole Assemblies, Riveted Pole Assemblies

Machining Services- Secondary Machining Operations, Shafts, Finish Machining, Fabricated or Machined Components

NADCAP Annealing- Batch Annealing for Non Grain Oriented and Grain Oriented Electrical Steels, Cobalt Electrical Steels, Nickel Electrical Steels, Hiperco 50, Aperam AFK502R, Carp 49, Aperam Supra50

Vent Assemblies- Spot Welded Vent Assemblies, Riveted Vent Assemblies, MIG or TIG Welded End Plates, Back Up Laminations, Machined Fingers, Fabricated Fingers, Insulation Coating Applications, I-beams, Bars