Pole Lamination and Rotor Rim Assembly

Pole Lamination Assembly

Pole Lamination 2

Laser Technologies provides pole lamination assembly services to motor/generator repair facilities as well as OEM's. No job is too big or small; Laser Technologies can supply single pole assemblies for repair applications, loose pole laminations, and high volume pole assemblies to service full motor or generator cores. With in-house laser cutting and stamping, we will recommend the best solution suited to your company's particular needs. Services provided include reverse engineering, assembly, dis-assembly, welded poles, riveted poles, machined endplates, drilled and tapped mounting holes.


Precise and accurate positional tolerances are critical for proper alignment and balance of rotor rim plates during the assembly process. The use of high tensile strength hot rolled structural steel poses some unique challenges in manufacturing these parts. Inherently, high tensile steel gets induced with stress during the rolling process at the mill. When the plate geometry is cut out of the raw material sheet, stress is relieved, which can lead to material shifting in cut features. The manufacturing process of these plates needs to be closely monitored, measured, and modified to achieve the consistent part-to-part geometry on key alignment features.

Laser Technologies is equipped with the engineering expertise, precision manufacturing equipment, and in-house measuring capabilities to successfully manufacture rotor rim plates and shims for hydro generator applications. Our precision Probe Stylus Coordinate Measuring Machine is capable of measuring rim plates as large as 118.11" x 47.25" with accuracies rated to 4.9+5L/1000um. Additionally, we have an in-house work cell engineered around processing rim plates, making us a full service leader in rotor rim assemblies.