Rotor Rebuild & Core Assembly

Laser Technologies Inc is known in the motor and generator industry for manufacturing the highest quality Rotor laminations, to exact customer specification with the highest standards in quality control. It is with this same level of commitment that Laser Technologies offers additional value added services to our customers in the realm of Turnkey Rotor Stamping, Laser Cutting & Core Assembly. The process is simple and it allows our Service/Repair customers to utilize their internal resource doing what they do best.

Step 1: Customer Send Stripped down Rotor Core on Shaft To Laser Technologies

Step 2: Laser Technologies Measures Rotor Core utilizing CMM and Farrow Measuring Equipment

Step3: Laser Technologies Disassembles Rotor Core

Step 4: Laser Technologies Reverse Engineers Rotor Core and Creates Manufacturing Drawings

Step 5: Laser Technologies Produces Manufactures Laminations, Vent Plates, End Plates, Etc via Rotor Stamping or Laser Cutting.

Step 6: Laser Technologies Re-Assembles Rotor Core

Step 7: Laser Technologies Inspects Rotor Core to Verify Dimensions as originally received

Step 8: Laser Technologies Ships Assembled Rotor Core back to Customer ready to be Rewound. Slots Perfectly Aligned, No Jagged edges, No additional Slot Grinding required.

In addition, Laser Technologies provides value-added service in the form of Shaft Repair, Rotor Rebar, coating and refurbishing Rotor laminations. Our coating line is fully equipped to perform testing or individual services for your specific requirements.

    Laser Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that services the electric motor, aerospace, military, marine, medical, nuclear and various other industries. We are capable of handling the most demanding rotor lamination production needs with a short turnaround time with the ability to operate 24/7 at our 168,00 square foot facility. Contact us to learn more about our full range of lamination services, including laser cutting, rotor stamping and notching, refurbishing, and motor core assembly.