Supply Chain Management

We support our customers with supply chain management by coordinating all the actions to plan, manufacture, and deliver your finished components. In addition to stocking raw materials, we offer comprehensive warehousing, customized packaging, and shipping services for your finished products.

KANBAN & Storage

As a solutions provider focused on making our customer's lives easier, Laser Technologies Inc can customize flexible stocking programs to suit your companies supply and demand needs. We have an inventory management system in place that tracks Finished Goods, WIP, and Raw materials. Laser Technologies will manage, track and carry your inventory to offer the quickest deliverable product at the lowest carrying cost to your organization. Typical programs include:

KANBAN is a just-in-time inventory program for customers that enables us to replenish their parts inventory back to an agreed-upon stock level. This blanket agreement allows the customer to obtain their parts without sending new purchase orders, which expedites product delivery.

Blanket Orders are purchase orders established with a certain annual EAU's in mind. Laser Technologies will customize programs to manufacture at the higher EAU amount and release parts in smaller quantity amounts throughout the year. Benefits to this program include lower overall parts cost, part inventory in stock, fast delivery on releases, lower carrying cost for customer

Customer Supplied Material Storage Laser Technologies Inc. can store, track and manage customer supplied material in our heated warehouse. Storing your companies specialty material in our warehouse can frees up valuable floorspace within your shop as well as improve deliveries on new orders.

Die Storage - Laser Technologies stores, services, and monitors tool life on our customers' stamping dies so when you need to reorder part we can use the existing tooling to quickly produce a finished part with no surprises.

Packaging & Distribution

We engineer and build all of our packaging around your manufactured product to ensure that it arrives safely. We want you to be able to use your parts, right out of the box. For this reason we go above and beyond most standard packaging expectations to achieve this goal.

Our extensive process to ensure quality packaging often times incorporates foam, custom-built pallets, rust preventive materials, and shrink wrapping to protect from moisture.

Vacuum packaging is an optional packaging solution we can provide to seal your parts for long-term storage. We vacuum all the air out of the packaging and make sure there is no moisture inside that could rust the parts. Whatever your product requires, we have the capacity to package your components to ensure their quality and reliability.

ISP-15 international specifications for packaging are also available on request.